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Frida Kahlo Face Mask

Frida Kahlo Face Mask  

Why Frida Kahlo 

We at Happy mask want to dedicate this blog post to uplift the outstanding artist Frida Kahlo. We have created a face mask with Frida Kahlo on it to tribute one of the world's most known revolutionary self-portrait artist. 

4 interesting facts about Frida Kahlo 

1. Frida Kahlo's home is a museum 

The home where Kahlo was born and also died in is now a museum for everyone to visit. The house is still very much preserved just the way Frida had it in the 1950s, including her work, personal artifacts as well as the urn that holds her ashes.

2. Frida arrived at her first solo exhibition in an ambulance 

Fridas health got worse but Kahlo wouldn't let that stand in the way to complete her first solo exhibition. In April 1953 she was on bed rest under doctor’s orders and were therefore not expected to attend, Frida couldn't accept it and decided to attend her grand opening either way. She arrived by ambulance and ordered her bed to be placed inside the gallery.

3. Kahlo is an LGBT icon and feminist 

Frida was always open with her sexuality, she was bisexual and her gender-bending dress has made her an iconic figure in the LGBT community. 

4. Queen of self-portraits 

Kahlo’s self-portraits is a big part of her work. About 55 of the 143 works she painted were self-portraits. She expressed it as “by making herself the subject, she expressed her suffering, therefore painting became a voice of her pain.” So no surprise that our face-mask of Kahlo is a self-portrait. We definitely can’t get enough! 

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