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girl with reusable face mask with cartoon print
Cartoon | Happy Mask
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Cartoon | Happy Mask

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Cartoon Face Mask - Back to the 90s! Bring back those old childhood memories with our new cartoon inspired face mask. Stand out in the crowd of boring facemasks with our washable and reusable face mask. Adjustable in size for your comfort - stay safe and stylish!

Product Details:
- Handmade in Germany
- Reusable and Washable
- Outer layer made from 100% Cotton
- Inner layer offers an antimicrobial effect

Tatooed male from behind putting on dark grey facemask

Happy Masks are light and breathable. The outer layer of our face mask is made from 100% Cotton. The inner fabric of our masks is equipped with silver ion technology that has an antibacterial effect.

Product detail graphic explaining the components of our reusable respirators

Adjustable with soft cord at the back of the head with cord stopper.  Very comfortable to wear over extended periods and does not jam behind the ear.

Images of millennial guy and girl first wearing disposable and then reusable respirators

Happy Mask Products are not N95 respirators or Surgical masks and are not intended to be used as such.